Mountaire's Thanksgiving for Thousands draws hundreds of volunteers

SELBYVILLE, Del. - There are many here on Delmarva that are giving back by making sure that others are taken care of this holiday season. 

On Monday, at a Mountaire packing facility in Selbyville, hundreds of volunteers got meals ready for families in need.

"The first year we did it we did 300 boxes and nobody complained they needed more. We're doing 8,500 boxes now 23 years later," says Roger Marino, Mountaire's Director for Community Relations. 

From young to old, hundreds of volunteers kicked off the season of giving in the best way possible by filling thousands of boxes with chickens, corn, brownie mix and more at Mountaire's Thanksgiving For Thousands. 

Boxes that will provide 49,000 people here on the shore with thanksgiving meals.

"It's organized chaos and it's a fantastic thing, we have more volunteers here this year than we've ever had before," says Marino. 

Each box filled with not just a thanksgiving meal but the love of hundreds of volunteers who helped fill it.

"It's a tremendous feeling and people are in need at certain times of their lives and other people should be here to help them so we're very happy to be here," explains John Monahan, a volunteer from Ocean View, Del. 

Every volunteer no matter the age doing their part to feed the hungry here on Delmarva. 

"We are passing boxes to them and then they are going to pass boxes to the other people who put in Thanksgiving food like corn and turkey and stuff so the people who can't afford a Thanksgiving dinner can have this stuff," says 8-year-old volunteers Susannah and Karlen. 

Each having a blast while doing it, each leaving in high spirits and full of love this holiday season. 

Marino exclaims, "It's so satisfying and you see it on the faces of all the people here. It's the kick off of the holiday season and everyone has that spirit and that's the way I️ feel, 23 years, it's fantastic I'll just go back and I'll have a tear in my eye when I️ go back to my office this afternoon." 

"It makes you feel really good inside because you know you're doing something kind to other people," says 8-year-old Susannah. 

The 8,500 boxes will be distributed Tuesday at three local churches in Milford, Seaford, and Dagsboro. 

Mountaire will also be having another event, Thanksgiving in December, which means on December 20th volunteers will again be packing meals for local families in need. 

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