Mountaire offers to install new wells for those affected by water contamination

Mountaire offers to install new wells...

MILLSBORO, Del. - Washing dishes, cooking, taking a shower these are things that Frances Shuck does on a daily basis.

The Millsboro resident does this with one thing in the back of her mind, her water is contaminated.

"We really didn't have much trouble with it when we first moved up here. It was after we were here a couple of years, it just started getting bad," says Shuck.

Shuck admits she's always been suspicious about her water, which is why she wasn't surprised when she heard reports that the Mountaire Millsboro plant contaminated groundwater in the area.

Last month, DNREC reported that several sampled wells at private residences had nitrate levels above the national drinking water standard.

Mountaire has taken action, such as providing bottled water to the households that have been affected.

"A couple of days later they came with the tank and the big jug and and left it here," says Shuck.

Shuck says that has helped remedy the issue of drinking clean water, but there was still concerns about using contaminated water for other things like cleaning and bathing.

This has led Mountaire to take another step, and offer to install deep wells for residents that have been affected.

"We've taken action because our residents have expressed concern over the elevated levels of nitrate. Those wells are deep enough where nitrates are not usually a problem," says McKeon.

"They left us this letter that they were going to install deep wells. I'm going to get it done because I think the water will be better throughout the whole house," says Shuck.

Shuck tell us that although issues with the water have been inconvenience, she is happy that Moutaire is taking initiative and trying to fix the problem.

Mountaire officials tell us they are still in the process of reaching out to eligible residents about this offer. They add once they get permission from the landowners they will begin the installation process.

We're told that is just one part of the company's plan to remedy the issue. Mountaire is also working on upgrading their waste water treatment facility.

The company tells us they are consulting with a poultry waste water engineer about upgrading their system.

On Tuesday, 47 ABC also learned that a law firm in Delaware is investigating health claims into the area around the Mountaire Millsboro facility.

47 ABC did reach out to comment, but we have yet to hear back.  

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