Mountaire Farms holds "Thanksgiving at Easter" event to help feed thousands

Mountaire Farms holds "Thanksgiving at Easter" event to help feed thousands

SELBYVILLE, Del. - With Easter coming up in a few days, many families will get together for a meal to celebrate. Many families, however, struggle to provide food. That's where Mountaire Farms comes in--every year volunteers get together to participate in their event "Thanksgiving at Easter", helping feed those in need.

47 ABC spoke with Sean McKeon of Mountaire Farms and he says, "It's all about feeding people who cannot provide themselves with a holiday dinner."

26 different churches, students from Selbyville Middle School and the American Legion Post 28 all got together on Tuesday to help pack 1,200 boxes, which is enough to feed about 4,800 people. And all of the food is purchased by Mountaire Farms and donated. According to Sean McKeon, it's something that's pretty special to the company.

"This is really the heart of our company, it's the heart of the owner of our company, and the heart of the management," McKeon said. "None of this food is extra, this is actually processed and produced for these events just as if we were producing or processing it for a customer."

Mountaire Farms also does a "Thanksgiving" event as well as "Thanksgiving at Christmas", which has been running for much longer.

47 ABC spoke with Roger Marino of Mountaire Farms and he says, "We started with 30 boxes 22 years ago that has grown at Thanksgiving itself to encompass the entire Delmarva community."

But "Thanksgiving at Easter" is specifically geared towards helping churches. McKeon says churches reach out to them and tell them what they need.

McKeon tells 47 ABC, "We're trying to meet needs in the community and whatever those numbers are the company will meet them. It's about feeding people that at this time of year are really struggling and that's really our goal every year."

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