Milton Police look to offer peace of mind to residents

Milton Police looks to offer peace of...

MILTON, Del. - The Milton Police Department is in the process of providing a new community outreach program to help those caring for others with dementia, Alzheimer's, autism and other special needs.

This program would revolve around a wristwatch that an individual wears to keep track of their whereabouts.  This individual would be designated a 'safe zone.'  If the 'at risk' individual left their safe zone one or multiple caregivers would receive a text.  If it is determined they are in danger, law enforcement could be called and find them using a tracking device in the watch.

Milton Police Chief Robert Longo says the program is another step the department is taking to lend a helping hand to the community, and to help give caregivers some peace of mind.

"They'll be able to know we can identify where they are at a moments notice.  And I believe that will give them a peace of mind."

The department has applied for a Criminal Justice Grant to pay for the watches and the data in the first year.  After the first year, the hope is the department can continue to supply the watches and data free of charge to residents.  If not, following the first year, data would cost about 15 dollars per month.

The target date for launching program is July 1, 2017 at this time, pending the state of the grant.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Milton Police Department for more information.

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