Millsboro PD gives tips in light of recent car break-ins in Sussex Co.

Millsboro PD gives tips in light of...

MILLSBORO, Del. - In light of recent car break-ins in Sussex County, the Millsboro Police Department is providing some tips.

We are told anytime around the holidays, an increase of crimes tend to happen. But you can take precaution. 

Make sure your windows are fully up. Also remove any valuables in your car. They also recommend to never leave your car unattended and to park it in a well it area. 

Also with Black Friday coming up, make sure to have an eye on your surroundings.

If you happen to get your vehicle broken into, Millsboro PD says there are proper steps to handle that situation. 

As soon as you notice it, call the police immediately; don't call later on the day. Also, don't touch anything. They said the best chance of solving these cases are by lifting fingerprints from the surface, so try not to contaminate it. 

Another tip, be as detailed as possible when describing any missing items.  

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