Millsboro man sentenced for being the leader of Del. heroin ring

DELAWARE - Officials say that a Millsboro man pleaded guilty and was sentenced for being the leader of a criminal organization operating in Kent and Sussex counties.

According to the Delaware Department of Justice, a multi-jurisdictional effort dubbed "Operation Duck Hunt," targeted 32-year-old Deangelo McGlotten of Millsboro, as the man leading a group of friends engaged in a large scale heroin distribution and money laundering.

In January 2016, search warrants on McGlotten's home in Bridgeville and on a vehicle linked to him led to the seizure of 42.250 bags of heroin, $7740 cash, a stolen nine millimeter hand gun and a Marlin 30-30 rifle. The investigation into McGlotten and his organization continued with officials conducting a wire tap on phone lines belonging to McGlotten and several of his associates.

As a result of the wire taps, additional search warrants netted over $170,000 and more than a kilogram of heroin in May 2016. Additionally, numerous firearms, vehicles and properties were seized in connection to the organization.

McGlotten pleaded guilty to racketeering, possession of a firearm by a person prohibited and drug dealing tier two heroin. A Superior Court judge immediately sentenced McGlotten, barred from having a gun because of prior felony convictions on drug and weapons charges, to 12 years in prison and then 18 months of probation.

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