Meeting scheduled to discuss surveys on potential canopy ban

Meeting scheduled to discuss surveys...

BETHANY BEACH, Del. - The issue of potential regulations on canopies and tents is still ongoing in Bethany Beach.  Friday, the town council announced the next step in the process.  A meeting to address surveys taken by residents will take place Tuesday December 12 at 10 a.m.

We're told over 1,000 surveys have already been received from residents, but the deadline to fill one out is December 1, giving residents who have not responded two weeks of time.

"We want as many people to respond as possible to this, because it's a quality of life issue for people who use the beach, and also for people who rent properties, it's a financial issue as well," said Bethany Beach Councilwoman Rosemary Hardiman.

This survey is a non-binding referendum, casting a wider net to find out what people who live in town think about beach and shading devices.  The survey can be found on the Town of Bethany Beach's website.

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