Magnolia man arrested on endangerment charges involving local students

MAGNOLIA, Del - A man is facing endangerment charges, after authorities say he was involved in several incidents with students including leaving a child to run after the van, while providing transportation for students of a local school district, in Delaware.

Delaware State Police says on November 14 and November 15, the Lake Forest School District contacted troopers after viewing a surveillance video of a van driver making inappropriate comments to the children on the van. Troopers later identified the van driver as 46-year-old Jeffery Dennison, of Magnolia, who is a van driver for Beachy Transportation. The school district apparently contracts bus drivers from Beachy Transportation as transportation for the students.

According to the report, Dennison was responsible for driving students that lived out of the school district to and from school. Officials say he picked up students at Lake Forest North Elementary, Lake Forest Central Elementary and WT. Chipman Middle School. Authorities learned through the surveillance video that Dennison would play "double-dare" and "truth or dare" with the students while driving the children to and from school. At the time of the incidents, there were reportedly five to six children on the van ranging from ages seven to 13.

Law enforcement says at one point while playing "double-dare", Dennison pulled over the van on the shoulder of a busy roadway and had a child get out of the van. He then reportedly drove away leaving the childe to run after the van. In another incident, authorities discovered that the 46-year-old pulled over the van and assaulter a nine-year-old student.

On Wednesday, Dennison was arrested and charged with 11 counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of offensive touching on a child. He was later released on a $6,000 unsecured bond.

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