Made On Delmarva: Brimming Horn Meadery

MOD Brimming Horn Meadery

MILTON, Del. - Brimming Horn Meadery is putting a modern twist on an old tradition.

"We offer something completely different," says JR Walker, the VP at Brimming Horn Meadery

Jon Talkington and JR Walker joined their passion for brewing and fascination with medieval times when they decided to open Brimming Horn.

"We make a type of wine out of honey. It is an very old beverage, it goes back over 10 thousand years. You'll get the flavor of honey, you get the aromatics of honey, the floral, fruit, apple or pear," says Talkington.

The two are bringing this ancient drink to the first state, and each of his recipes pays homage to European history.

"It's my craft, it's a way of getting out my creativity and I like the end product too," says Talkington.

Jon took 47 ABC out back to where he makes the mead. He starts with three key ingredients; honey, water, and yeast.

The honey is first mixed in with warm water and then he adds yeast. He throws in either fruit or spices to kick up the flavor.

"So this is a flavoring that the Vikings would use, this is dried rosemary and juniper berries," says Talkington.

Once all the ingredients are mixed in it’s time to ferment.

During this process, Jon goes back and adds nutrients to speed up fermentation. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to up to a year.

"We do filter after fermentation; the mead will get racked into a second fermenter. In that fermenter the mead clears, so all the proteins, honey, and yeast settle out," says Talkington.

Once the mead is filtered, it is ready to be bottle, labeled, and enjoyed. Dilly Dilly!

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