Local activist, Jim Martin, creates social media platform to help combat homelessness

Local activist, Jim Martin, creates...

GEORGETOWN, Del. - One local in Sussex County is using his skills to create a new platform to help the homeless. 

It revolves around social media and it uses the man's own experiences to improve the lives of others. 

Community activist, Jim Martin, is on a mission. After his 7 year career at ACE, he has resigned.

He left a mark at ACE and hopes to continue his efforts. He has set out to help Sussex County's homeless with an outreach program called God Goes Digital.

"Really it started with me being homeless in Delaware, just having a heart for what the homeless person goes through," Martin says. 

His own experience defines him and it has given him a heart for others. And its that heart and his drive that won't allow him to quit on the people of Delmarva. Instead of people approaching the ACE Center, he'll go to them. 

Back in 2010, Martin and his wife created a non-profit organization called TAP Faith and their efforts are back in full force to give assistance to those in crisis situations.

Cathy Martin says, "We came up with that because people who are homeless are talented they don't have an address and they are people so we called it TAP and then we thought yes we have to have Faith to find places for them so that's how we came up with the name."

God Goes Digital will be the outreach of Tap Faith. It'll be the outreach where we they use social media to tell stories of people struggling with homelessness.

Social media will be a way to get help to those in need and will serve as a connector to the many faces behind the screen.

God Goes Digital is free but if you'd like to be a part of their TAP Faith Coalition, you can contribute $10 a month. 

If you head over to the Facebook page and click "LIKE" you can get updates. 

The launch of the page will be today and Martin will be going live for the very first time. 

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