Investing in agriculture

Investing in agriculture

DELAWARE - Delaware is investing in the future of its agricultural industry, according to the Department of Agriculture

The department announcing Wednesday farmers between 18 and 40 can apply for the Young Farmers Loan Program through November 30.

The program's goal is to help farmers just starting out with reducing the financial impact on young farmers just starting out by providing long-term, no-interest loans to help with the purchase of land.

Applicants must have at least three years of farming experience, and their net worth must not exceed $300,000.

"It's also a way to get young farmers to get started farming.  We realize often one of the biggest challenges to a young person trying to get into farming is trying to get the capital or the money if you will to buy land," said Delaware Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Austin Short.

Interested applicants can visit the Department of Agriculture website,, or you can contact Deputy Secretary Austin Short at 302.698.4500.

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