Inmate files lawsuit against Smyrna prison warden and staff

Inmate files lawsuit against Smyrna...

Smyrna, Del. - An inmate at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center  is suing the warden and prison staffers  because of how authorities responded to the hostage situation at the prison two weeks ago.

Donald Parkell filed the federal lawsuit this week. 

It appears he was one of the inmates at the prison during the inmate standoff with police.

He claims he witnessed tactical responders storming the building to end the siege, injuring nearly every prisoner inside.

The complaint alleges that no more than 10 inmates coordinated and carried out the uprising earlier this month.

It was during which a correctional officer, Steven Floyd, was killed.

Parkell also says he and two other inmates protected a female counselor from other prisoners during the 19-hour ordeal.

A DOC spokeswoman told 47 ABC that the agency would not comment on pending litigation.

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