Homegrown food vendor has been staple since over 20 years at DSF

HARRINGTON, Del. - Because local matters, 47 ABC found a food vendor that is truly homegrown because the owners are from Harrington.

Big Al's Roast Beef has been a staple at the Delaware State Fair since 1988.

The owners who are cousins, first built their stand out of wood at their grandparents house and then hauled it in.

Now they get their name from one of their dads, Al. We are told Al lost his wallet with $13 in at the fair when he was a teenager and vowed to never come back.

So they originally named it Al's Beef Corral so he would come to the fair and we're told he's been here every year since they opened up the stand.

But they'd soon change the name to Big Al's due to their friends constantly screaming "Big Al" as they walked by. 

Big Al's Roast Beef even named a sandwich after Al. 


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