Governor Carney visits farms in Delaware focusing on the agriculture industry

Governor Carney visits farms in...

GREENWOOD, Del. - Governor John Carney visited various farms throughout southern Delaware on Monday.

The importance of this tour? To discuss Delaware's $8 billion agriculture industry.

47 ABC was able to catch up with Governor Carney in Greenwood at Vanderwende Farm.

He tells us that this more than just a job for these farmers, it’s a way of life.That's why he says it’s important for the government to understand the risks that they are taking, including some of the hefty costs involved.

Governor Carney says this is a great opportunity to talk to farmers in order to understand their challenges and as well as figure out ways to help them.

"The best way to help protect farmland is to help farmers be more profitable, if farmers can be more profitable, they can sustain farming, keep the business in their family generation after generation," Governor Carney tells 47 ABC. 


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