Gov. Carney says ending ACA subsidies will hurt Delawareans

DOVER, Del. - (AP) - Democratic Gov. John Carney says President Donald Trump's decision to end federal cost-share subsidies under the Affordable Care Act will hurt thousands of low-income Delaware residents.

Carney said in a statement Friday that low-income Delawareans rely on those taxpayer subsidies to make their health insurance and health care affordable.

With open enrollment on Delaware's Health Insurance Marketplace starting Nov. 1, Carney says Trump's action will result in thousands of Delawareans deciding that health insurance is no longer affordable and going without.

Carney says he will work with Delaware's congressional delegation to restore the cost-sharing reductions as soon as possible.

Trump's action is likely to prompt a lawsuit from attorneys general in some states. Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn says he would sign on if facts and the law permit.

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