Girls Night Out becoming tradition for local leaders to advance causes

Girls Night Out becoming tradition

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. - Community leaders from everything from the medical field, to education and local representatives came together in Rehoboth Beach Thursday evening with one common goal, the continued advancement of women's rights.

Three-hundred women congregated to the resort town for Girl's Night Out in hopes of strengthening the local women's movement- on International Women's Day.

"We're honoring women who are influential in the business world, we're honoring women who are advocates for children and improving the lives of children.  We're honoring women who are influential in the political realm," says Bridget Buckaloo, executive director of women's and children's services for Beebe.

The event brings women from varying backgrounds and fields, and offers a venue to make connections, discuss what more needs to be done to move forward, and more importantly, how to attain those goals.

With a glance around the room you will notice young women in their teens and 20s, a good sign of participation from the future of the movement for equal rights.

"They're the future," said Delaware congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester.  "And what we're seeing, even on issues such as gun violence right now, that it's young people that are stepping up and getting engaged."

While the movement has made strides, guest-speaker Blunt-Rochester says there are advancements to be made in equal pay, and participation in local and federal government.

"It's also a time for people to speak up about issues that have been ones we don't talk that much about, like sexual harassment with the me too movement, and the times up movement.  So it's a pretty powerful time."

Blunt-Rochester added that the meeting with her constituents at Thursday night's event also helps her to bring fresh ideas back to D.C. with her.

This ws the second annual Girl's Night Out -- the hope is that this will continue to grow -- and be a driving force for the local women's movement in the future.

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