Four more dogs from Seaford neglect case up for adoption

Four more dogs from Seaford neglect...

GEORGETOWN, Del. - Four more dogs from Seaford's animal neglect case are up for adoption. 

About a month ago, Bob, Lila, Ashley and Bella were among the 31 dogs rescued in what the Georgetown SPCA calls the worst animal neglect case they've ever seen. 

Now fully recovered they are ready to find their forever homes despite the several serious health issues they had when they were first brought in. 

"It's remarkable how happy and friendly and eager to please they are. Some might think that they aren't socialized or something like that but I mean these are happy dogs and they want to be with people, there's no behavioral issues that we've seen," says shelter manager Chris Farrell. 

Some dogs have already been adopted, but others are still under SPCA's care. 

If you're interested in adopting any one of the dogs you just saw, contact BVSPCA in Georgetown for more information. 

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