Fenwick Island replenishment project could extend into summer months

Fenwick Island replenishment project...

FENWICK ISLAND, Del. - Fenwick Island officials are worried that their beach replenishment project might run into the summer months due to some recent changes in the project's timeline. 

The town took on this project to restore their beaches that were damaged by hurricanes like Sandy and Joaquin.

The town had originally planned to start with the beach pumping right after the new year, but the Army Corps of Engineers, who are the ones behind the project, said they had to push the start of the project back until the spring, meaning the project might not be complete until June. 

City Council members are now expressing their concern. 

Teresa Tieman, the Town Manager of Fenwick Island, said, "Well we are concerned, but we are just hoping for the best right now. The same company is working in Ocean City, Maryland and hopefully they will be able to finish before June. That is what everyone is hoping but there is a possibility that it might not be until the end of June."

For now, the town can't do much other than keep their fingers crossed that the project gets finished before the summer. 

We will continue to monitor this story and provide you with updates as we learn more.

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