Fallen officer honored on anniversary of death

Fallen officer honored on anniversary...

It has become a sacred tradition in Georgetown, laying wreaths down in the Circle to honor one of the community's favorite sons, fallen police officer Chad Spicer.

September 1st is a big date for the Georgetown community, because it marks the death of officer Chad Spicer.

"He knew the town of Georgetown, he knew the community, he was apart of the community, grew up here.  It's one of Georgetown's favorite sons," said Police Chief R. L. Hughes.

The Sussex Central grad was struck by a single bullet as he sat in the passenger seat of a police cruiser following a pursuit of a car back in 2009.

Since then, eight years later, the department is still there for Spicer's mom, Ruth Ann, and his daughter, Aubrey.

"Having the ceremony, having the wreath laying ceremony gives us that focal point if you will to have that honor for the family and have them come out and show them we are here for them," said Hughes.

Ruth Ann calls it a feeling of great honor to know her son's memory will never go away.

"My phone started -- I started getting text messages this morning at 7 o'clock and my phone has not stopped," said Spicer of the outpouring of support she has seen.

Officers in the department regularly make their way over to the Spicer's home, addressing Ruth Ann as "mom," and Spicer's father, Norman, affectionately as "pops."

"Aubrey and I and Norman wouldn't have been able to get through this if it hadn't have been for the love and support of the community, the county, the state, it just, it just has been so remarkable," said Spicer.

This year brings a new challenge for the Spicer's with Norman's passing.  But now, Ruth Ann says Pops and Chad are reunited, looking down on the congregation.

"It is hard on us with Norman not being here today, but I do know that they're together in heaven and I know that they are looking down on us and I know they're happy," said Spicer.

f you are interested in helping the Spicer family, you can make donations at

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