English learning students in Delaware benefit from new English Learner Strategic Plan

English learning students in Delaware...

GEORGETOWN, Del. - A brand new initiative will be taking over school systems across the first state.

It's a new plan, that's in response to Delaware's growing population of English learners. 

English learning students, known as EL Learners, have hit an all time high in Delaware.

And as a result, Indian River School District is in the record books. 16% of their students are EL Learners, which is the highest number in the state. 

With those numbers, the state has initiated a comprehensive English Learner Strategic Plan, which will empower children juggling two languages. 

A coalition team has been working on this plan since 2016. 

Coalition member, Margie Lopez-Waite tells 47 ABC, "The strategic plan basically outlines gives some guidelines as to things that districts and charter schools should be focusing on as far as professional development for their educators to make sure we have highly qualified individuals supporting the needs of English learners."

This new strategy will even embrace innovative ways to teach English. 

We're told there's research that show that you need to strengthen the person's first language and then help them acquire the second language so that they can make that connection.

Funding is another feature apart of the plan. Big bucks flowing into programs focusing on EL Learners. 

The specific plan's goals include:

  • Engaging every English learner in high-quality instruction and assessment designed to meet individual needs.
  • Fostering highly effective educators of English learners.
  • Mobilizing the community and engaging the public to support English learners.
  • Continuing to refine English learner education through data analysis. 

No one is more supportive of this initiative than Governor John Carney. He believes if this is planted at an early age, they will blossom, and they can even benefit the state of Delaware. 

"The most important thing is if we have jobs and in a strong economy for our state, for the people who live here. The only way we can do that is if we have a strong work force so making sure every child graduates from high school is ready to either go on to college or go to the workforce in a meaningful way," Governor Carney says. 

They hope to implement the plan in the next couple of months. Their biggest push will be at the beginning of the next school year. 

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