Dover church shows support for homeless through campout

Dover church shows support for...

DOVER, Del. - One Dover church has been at the forefront of the fight to end homlessness and help folks get back on their feet.

On Monday, Victory Church t kicked off  a week long campout to show their support for the homeless community in Dover.

"We're basically camping out in solidarity with the homeless," says Pastor Aaron Appling.

Monday, members of Victory Church set up tents on the church's property. Come night time, members of the church and community will be sleeping in these tents as their way to show support for homeless individuals in the Dover area.

"In our city we do have 300 to 400 homeless individual sleeping in our streets and many of them are sleeping in tents like this. Wintertime, summertime its hard to be out here in the heat all day and all night long," says Pastor Appling.

Community members will also be joined by homeless individuals during this week long camp ut.

"We believe our community wants to do something about this, they just need to know that his exists, so we are trying to get it out of the shadows into the light so we can deal with it as a community," says Pastor Appling.

Leaders at Victory Church hope this campout will change residents perceptions about homeless individuals.

"They just assume that people are lazy and don't want to work or they are on drugs. Some people just have had hard times, they got a divorce or lost a job," says Pastor Mark Harmon.

The hope is that through understanding, they will also be encourage residents to lend a helping hand to those in need.

"Sometimes all they need is a little push to get in the right direction," says Pastor Harmon.

The campout  will wrap up on Saturday morning, throughout the week church members will also be accepting donations such as food and toiletries.

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