Door-to-door surveys being conducted in Del. based on drug use, mental health issues

Door-to-door surveys being conducted...

DELAWARE - Door-to-door interviews are taking place to conduct a unique national survey focusing on substance abuse and mental health.

It's called the National Survey on Drug and Health.

We're told it's extremely helpful because it provides up-to-date information based on alcohol or drug use and mental health as well.

Now, if you are selected, you should get a letter in the mail giving you a heads up.

But you won't know the date or time.

There are two parts of the screening.

After your initial interview, they will follow up with an hour long interview.

Delaware's Department of Health and Social services says these answers need to be as transparent as possible because they are critical.

DHSS Director of Communication Jill Fredel says, "This is just critically important. We are in a middle of an addiction epidemic in our state. We lost 308 people last year to overdoses. So we need that understanding from people on the ground, families who are impacted by addiction and mental  health issues."

DHSS says this could help them tremendously to give them insight with programming, treatment, or even creating a new campaign strategy.

Interviews are likely to continue through September. If you are selected, you will get $30 as a thank you.

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