Delmar Christmas Shoppers Fair helps raise money for local food pantry

Delmar Christmas Shoppers Fair helps...

DELMAR, Del. - The Delmar Middle and Senior High School is giving back to their community in an unusual way.

The school's annual Christmas Shoppers Fair helps them to collect food and money to keep their pantry up and running. 

Megan Baker, the President of the school's Culinary Club, said, "[The fair] brings a lot of money into it. Last year we made $2,000 to go to it. This year I think we've made a pretty good amount too, so it really just helps put money into the food pantry."

The Wildcat Wellness Food Pantry was started roughly eight years ago.

The pantry serves families in both Maryland and Delaware and is open to the public about once a month.

Terri Addlesberger, the coordinator of the food pantry, said, "They get about 35 pounds of food and 5 pounds of house hold goods and hopefully it's supplemental nutrition to help sustain them, you know, until the next paycheck or whatever benefits they have."

The Shoppers Fair requires all vendors to pay a fee to take part in the event and all of that money goes directly to the pantry.

Vendors said it felt good to be giving back to their community.

Stephanie Hill, a vendor, said, "I love that paying to be here is going to help other people that need help."

The Shopper's Fair not only givers visitors lots of gift options, but it teaches kids about the value of giving.

Amber Tamosaitis, a vendor, said, "You know it's the spirit of giving, and it's teaching the kids how to be a part of the community. It's all of us, you know, thinking about helping each other out, you know, living in proximity to us, so I think it's really cool."

Officials said their students' spirit of giving is impressive.

Addlesberger said, "I mean they just bring and you know, you have to take into consideration that some of those that are giving don't have much to give so, I can't say enough about the Wildcat spirit and coming together and doing what they have to do to support each other, so it's phenomenal."

The Wildcat Wellness Food Pantry will open their doors and shelves to the community on Thursday.

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