Delaware State Fire School creates their first junior fire camp

Delaware State Fire School creates...

DOVER, Del. - A summer camp experience in Dover is teaching teens to deal with the heat.

It's called Junior Fire Camp. 45 boys and girls are Delaware State Fire School's first group of campers in this new program.

It's the first year being done and it's held over three days. Groups age from 13 to 17, as they do various activities involving firefighting.

Despite the fun, these young firefighters in training are learning an important lesson. Being able to act quickly and precisely can save lives.

One 13-year old, Wyatt Simpler tells 47 ABC, this obstacle course teaches them how to hustle while running into a building with a hose.

"You go through a pipe as if you are crawling underneath a cross base, attic, anything. Then you run get a hose, hit a target. And then if you hit the target run around a couple of cones, and you go to a dummy, pick it up throw it over your shoulder and run to a certain amount,  then you go," Simpler says.

The Delaware State Fire School tells 47 ABC, this camp idea has been in the making for several years.

And finally this summer, agencies in the community added the fuel to ignite this program by providing money and other essentials to organize this camp.

Camp Instructors tell us these teens gave both heart and enthusiasm through each obstacle.

Delaware State Fire School's hope this experience sparks interest in young people to be the next wave of local heroes.

We are told there were several participants at the camp already expressing interest in joining local fire companies.

In August, there will be an all girls camp called Camp Fury.

It hopes to expose teenage girls to careers in emergency medical response and law enforcement, which organizers say are male-dominated fields.

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