Delaware cybersecurity bill to update requirements for data breach response

DOVER, Del. - Delaware lawmakers are eyeing legislation that would expand protections for Delawareans who fall victim to computer security breaches.

House Bill 180, sponsored by Representative Paul Baumbach, would require businesses to safeguard personal information and provide notice to Delawareans within 60 days of discovering a breach. Officials say business must notify the Attorney General if a breach affects more than 500 residents.

"This legislation would provide additional, common sense protections for Delawareans whose personal information may be compromised in a cybersecurity breach," Governor John Carney said. "We live in a world where these types of breaches are becoming more common, and we should enact additional safeguards for all Delawareans who may be affected."

Breached entities will additionally be required to provide a year's worth of identify protection services to Delawareans whose Social Security numbers are compromised in a breach. Only one other state currently requires this protection, officials said.

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