Sussex Co. restaurant supports 'Day Without Immigrants'

Sussex Co. restaurant supports 'Day...

LAUREL, Del. - Thursday, February 16th,  people all over the country participated in a movement which hopes to highlight the contributions of immigrants to the U.S. way of life. The movement is called a "Day Without Immigrants".

On this day workers, students, and entire businesses are taking a stand against immigration policies by the new administration. Immigrants across the country were expected to stay home from school and work to show how critical they are to the U.S. economy and way of life.

One Delaware restaurant  who joined in on the movement is Tacos Chabelita in Laurel.

Thursday morning, the parking lot as was well as the restaurant were empty. On a typical Thursday morning,  Tacos Chabelita is bustling and  preparing for the afternoon rush. However on this day, the restaurant known for serving Mexican cuisine 7 days a week had spotless counters and cook tops. On the door there was a simple explanation, " Closed in support of the Day Without Immigrants"

"We feel like today is going to have a huge impact in the country," says Isabel Cisneros, the Manager of Tacos Chabelita.

Isabel tells us choosing to close their family restaurant wasn't an easy decision.

"I mentioned it to my father , he wasn't very sure  about what to do just because he didn't really hear much about it," says Isabel.

"You know we're a business, bills stack up," says Javier Burrueta, who is Isabel's brother and a server at the restaurant.

The restaurant could be missing out on thousands of dollars in revenue,  but Isabel says the message behind this nationwide protest is worth it. The movement had caught her family's eye on social media.

"Someone sent me a picture of a flyer, then I started seeing everyone share it and just comment on it," says Javier.

The flyer and social media posts call for immigrants to stay home from work, school, abstain from shopping, and for people to close down their businesses on Thursday as a way to protest Trump's immigration policies.

"We don't agree with some of the new executive orders with our president, and by us protesting we are showing that we have voice," says Javier.

Despite the individual sacrifice Javier and his sister Isabel admit being a part of this nationwide protest is uplifting.

"Hopefully this is going to change people's opinion on immigrants and show them how much we contribute to this country," says Burrueta.

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