Del. legislative session approaches end

DOVER, Del. - Time is ticking for Delaware lawmakers as this year's legislative session approaches its end.

This year's legislative session comes to an end on Friday, and there are still many  pieces of legislation that are in limbo.

Lawmakers are eyeing a series of bills to take a stand against the opioid epidemic.

"They are all a priority this is an epidemic not just across America but in our state as well," says Senator Ernesto Lopez.

One of those pieces of legislation looks to further the study of prescription opioids with the goal of fighting addiction and reducing overdoses. If passed, the bill would grant access to data to the Drug Overdose Fatality Review Commission

"As soon as we get our arm around what are are the most addictive opioids are right now we are going to get a better path forward  to make sure we eliminate those here in our state," says Senator Lopez/

Another bill that has caught residents attention is the Marijuana Control Act.

If passed, the bill would regulate marijuana like alcohol. The bill would also establish a commissioner to regulate, tax, and distribute marijuana legally in Delaware.

Sponsors of the bill say this legislation could bring in significant revenue with over 2,000 jobs, but it appears that time could be running out to make a decision on this piece of legislation

"I don't see the marijuana or cannabis bill going anywhere with the couple of days to go," says Senator Lopez.

Any legislation that does not pass in the following days will be revisited until next year.

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