Crime mapping website helping local community and Delaware State Police

Crime mapping website helping local...

DELAWARE - Delaware State Police say online mapping is a huge success and it is helping them track crime. Crime Mapping, an online data base, helps provide better access to crime information.

Nearly a year ago, DSP introduced this website to let people know the crimes happening in and around the area of where they work, live and different points of interest.

Folks can also use the site to post anonymous tips. It's a tool that they have seen benefit the community and their police force.  

As of last week, DSP recorded over 10,000 site interactions since January of this year.

DSP Sgt. Richard Bratz says it's not only helping them solve crimes but also bettering community awareness and safety.

"Sometimes unfortunately we have neighborhoods where we have vehicles that, or even a shed or house, that's not secure and when that's reported people can see that, see its occurring where they live. Maybe they can look at that and say well we need to be a little more cautious, observant of what's going on with locking and securing our property," explains Sgt. Bratz.

We're told anyone can set up crime alerts to the areas people choose and the crime maps are updated by state police every 24 hours.

DSP says they hope this site will continue to be a deterrent for crime and serve as a safety measure for local communities.

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