Coons weighs in on White House controversy

Coons weighs in on White House...

47 ABC - In the past week FBI Director James Comey was fired, Republicans have passed a healthcare bill through the House and there was more miscommunication from the White House. Friday Delaware Sen. Chris Coons (D) sat down with 47 ABC to talk about those matters.

For starters the veteran senator is not sold on the reasoning that the White House has given for Comey's firing.

'll tell you it didn't pass the smell test that President Trump was gravely concerned enough and upset about how Hillary Clinton was treated last year by the FBI director," Coons said.

Coons said the stories still aren't lining up. 

The most recent one from President Trump that he had been considering firing Comey since he took office.

"There's also important and unanswered questions about who decided to fire Jim Comey, what role did Rod Rosenstein the deputy attorney general play and what did role did his memo and who made this decision at what time," Coons said.

Coons called the firing abrupt and questioned the manner in which it happened, pointing out the fact that it seemed there was lack of planning as to what would come next.  .

"To do so without having any plans underway to find a bipartisan career, a senior law enforcement official to nominate to succeed director Jim Comey I think was real misstep," Coons said.

It's not just the presidents actions within our borders the veteran senator questions. Coons, a member of the Senate's foreign relations committee, also worries the president may not be listening to advice given to him about how to handle our nations matters abroad.  

"At times I have concerns that the very seasoned and stable national security and diplomacy team that's advising the president Sec. Mattis, Sec. Tillerson another national security advisor, General McMaster isn't being heard and that some decisions are being made in a more abrupt way," Coons said.

Coons also weighed in on the most recent decision by AETNA to pull out of the Delaware market place.The senator re-iterated the fact that AETNA is pulling out of Delaware because they weren't making enough money. However he explained the reason why they weren't making enough money was because a key part of the Affordable Care Act was blocked by several republicans. Something called risk corridors.

Coons said the provision was intended to reimburse health insurance companies for any additional spending they had over a certain threshold. Without it he says it's no surprise health insurance companies are not making enough money.

"If we can't find a bipartisan way to sustain support of insurance companies that take on the risks of the marketplace we are going to have a collapse in terms of the availability of insurance in Delaware and elsewhere," Coons said.



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