Cleanbay Renewables to present plant in front of Sussex County

Cleanbay Renewables to present plant...

GEORGETOWN, Del.. - A manure to energy company is at it again on Delmarva, but this time in Delaware.

Cleanbay Renewables was looking to set up shop in Crisfield. The company was interested in constructing a chicken litter recycling facility, but was recently voted down by the Crisfield council.  

This time around, the company is looking to get approval from Sussex County. Cleanbay Renewables has been interested in Georgetown before, but were advised by officials to look into other locations around the area.

The company now has their eyes on land located along Route 113 between Georgetown and Millsboro. This location is where they want to construct their next renewable energy facility.

We're told the project would cost 50 million dollars to complete, and would be converting chicken manure into reusable energy through a process known as anaerobic digestion. Company officials say this process breaks down the smell from manure as well as remove phosphorus.

Andy Hallmark, the Outreach Coordinator for Cleanbay Renewables says, "By the time, the material goes through our entire system, all the things that would smell for example methane would be broken down. So there is no other opportunity for those smells to escape."

Cleanbay Renewables tells 47 ABC they have entered into a power purchase agreement with Delaware Electric Co-Op, where they would be taking the energy for their local customers.

If the project is approved, the company could bring 10 to 20 jobs to the area.

The company will be presenting their plan in front of the Sussex County Planning and Zoning commission Thursday, Januray 25th at 6 PM.

Company officials tell us they are constructing another plant in Westover, Maryland. They expect construction for that facility to be completed by 2019.

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