Campaign ramping up to raise Zika awareness

DELAWARE - The Division of Public Health is continuing to advise Delawareans to protect themselves from the Zika virus with its statewide program launched last month.

There have been no cases of the virus being transferred from person to person in the state, but there have been 17 confirmed cases, all of which are from traveling overseas.

The campaign reminds travelers this summer, particularly pregnant women, because Zika is a sexually transmitted disease, to use protection.

"And just to clarify, this 17 is likely an underestimation because people may have been sick may not have gone to their doctors even though they had Zika.  A large percentage of people who do get infected with the virus will not have symptoms, and so the number that we are counting is really an underestimation," said Dr. Awele Maduka-Ezeh.

To avoid bites in the first place, wear long sleeves and pants, and stay in places with air conditioning and screens to keep mosquitos outside.

To receive text messages about Zika for any destinations, text PLAN to 855.255.5606.

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