Businesses reopen for Easter weekend

Businesses reopen for Easter weekend

BETHANY BEACH, Del. - For resort towns like Bethany Beach, Easter weekend marks the beginning of tourism season.

Parking lots were filled up, and the boardwalk and local shops were inundated with visitors.  The combination of good weather for beach goers, a four day weekend and spring break for area schools made for a perfect recipe for people to check out Delaware's resort towns, and for many, they say it's their first beach trip of 2018.

"It's always big around the holidays, people want to get down here to see family," says Kristen Maxwell, a University of Delaware student visiting family in Bethany for the weekend.  "We come here to the beach in the morning and get some boardwalk fries and we usually go to mangos for a nice dinner, and some cocktails for the adults."

With this consistent flow of customers, many businesses in Bethany, like Rita's and Mangos, decided to open up shop to customers this weekend, with Mangos saying they are now open for business every weekend for the rest of the season.

"This is kind of like the hit off of the seasons, the schools start coming out, the kids start coming down and definitely the weather brings them in," said Darin Dryden, owner of Top Dog Grill.

"It's the first big weekend of the year.  All the people are coming down opening up their beach houses, the kids are off school, so it's a pretty big weekend," said Mangos General Manager Tom Lannon.

With businesses beginning to open up in Bethany and other resort towns in the area there are quite a few positions open.  Bethany Beach's Chamber of Commerce works to help get those positions filled through their website and special events they host on weekends.

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