Blades one step closer to pollution solution

Blades one step closer to the...

BLADES, Del. - It has now been six days since the town of Blades lost access to its water, but on Wednesday, they got one step closer to a fix.

It's a carbon filtration system that crews having been working to install all day, a system that is supposed to get rid of the contamination. 

Once this system is hooked up, the town will filter out the water and test to make sure all the contaminants are gone. 

"This means we're one step closer to having our drinking and cooking water back. You always have hiccups in anything that you do, but things are actually moving very well," says Blades Town Administrator Vikki Prettyman. 

If all goes well, the town should be back on their own water by next week. DNREC tells us there is still plenty of water to supply the residents until then. 

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