Back the Blue event comes to Lewes

Back the Blue event comes to Lewes

LEWES, Del. - Back the Blue brought their blue tape to Sussex County a week after their successful event in New Castle County last week to raise money for the Corporal Ballard Foundation.

During the day, vehicles arrived at the Lewes Ferry visitor lot to have a blue strip of tape placed on their back windshield.  Residents who attended were charged no fee for the tape, but donations were accepted for the Corporal Ballard Foundation.

The event in New Castle County last week raised approximately $52,000, with an estimated 4,000 vehicles showing up during the eight hour event.

Darren McCarnon and Robert Quirk, the co-organizers of Back the Blue, say they decided to recreate the event after residents from Sussex County barraged their facebook page with posts.

Stephanie Kichline, a Milton resident, attended the event.  Her fiance is in law enforcement with the Delaware State Police, and says something like this really hits home.

"To be able to come out here and show support not only to him but to the entire Delaware state police family it's really important and it means a lot."

"You want to raise as much as you can obviously, but you also want to bring the community together.  That's the biggest thing, to get people back to supporting our law enforcement," said McCarnon.

In another example of a community coming together, McCarnan and Quirk went from 4 rolls of tape two days ago, to 400 Thursday morning, thanks to help from locals, fire departments, and a collision repair company out of Baltimore after Quirk, a Maryland police officer, ran into an employee in a parking lot.

"When we started this event  we had plenty of material, but we didn't have the blue tape.  And Darren and I, was it two days ago, we called each other on the phone and said what are we going to do, because we had about 4 rolls of tape," said Quirk.

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