Awesome food at the Delaware State Fair includes fried bubblegum

HARRINGTON, De. - It's no secret, there's always awesome food at the Delaware State Fair. 2016 is no different. While at the fair on Sunday, 47 ABC checked out a few of the foods available at this years fair. The first, fried bubble gum!

"We actually tried it with real bubble gum, but it turns real hard like a brick inside. It's not very good." Said Cory Kalber, a food vendor employee who makes fried bubble gum.

Kalber showed 47 ABC exactly how you make the tasty treat. He says it starts with a frozen marshmallow, not bubble gum.

The marshmallow then gets dipped in a bubble gum flavored batter before it's deep fried and topped with powdered sugar.
After the fried bubble gum, it was time to try the highly touted 'Krispy Kreme Burger'. Manager Dave Higman threw a fresh beef patty on the grill, two pieces of bacon and the buns, two Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Higman told 47 ABC, "We grill, take the Krispy Kreme doughnuts, we grill them, caramelize the sugar and toast them a little bit and when that's all done, we'll put it all together and add some fresh sliced tomato and lettuce."

After seeing how some of the sweet foods were made, it was time for some savory flavors to wrap up the 47 ABC  food expedition. That's when we checked out what's called a 'Hot Beef Sundae'.

"There's no ice cream or chocolate. This has been a main stay at the Nebraska State Fair since 1893," said Chef Dale Ray, "it all comes together, looking like a sundae, plated in a bowl"

The beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, cheese and texas toast hit the spot as this dish brought out the most of every single ingredient.

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