Artist walks in the footsteps of Harriet Tubman

Artist walks in the footsteps of Harriet

SANDTOWN, Del. - Saturday marked the end of a week-long trek for Mashona Council, who is now the first person to walk the Harriet Tubman bypass alone.

When Council crossed into Sandtown, Delaware, she completed her 125-mile journey across the Harriet Tubman bypass, walking in the abolitionists footsteps.

"To come across that line, it really was this bringing (Tubman's) spirit with me.  And we know that when she crossed there was no one here to welcome her."

But when council crossed the Mason-Dixon line, she was greeted by dozens of supporters, most of whom she didn't even know a week ago.

"Well that's the beautiful thing I didn't know any of those people but one before the week started and so I think that is the power of who Harriet Tubman was. And she talked about it.  She came into a strange land with strange people and so they were all strangers.  But there is something that binds us and it's love and it's kindness.  And as long as we have those things you see what happens so it's pretty powerful."

Council says she had different struggles with the mind, the body, and the spirit along her journey.

"There were different struggles at different times.  So sometimes my body didn't want to walk...  My knees didn't always want to get going, and I had some blisters I had to fight with, but again, the spirit and the energy and the prayers of everyone else it made those challenges slim."

Council says her journey on the bypass was for freedom, whether that be freedom from judgment, hatred, limitations, or whatever hardships folks are dealing with.

"When I would walk and I'd be like oh man my feet, she would remind me, 'no let me, you see that marsh over there that's what I had to wade through to get where you are right now.'  And so that puts it all in perspective.  I think sometimes we lose perspective and so get spirit helped me to keep the right perspective."

Although Council physically made the journey alone, she believes the spirit of Tubman helped her along the way, the same way she helped countless slaves make their way to freedom.

"For me I had my own struggles, and I have the things that have been binding me and so god gave me that same vision that you can walk to freedom and so that's what this journey has been about."

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