Animal rescue in Seaford gives feedback/services available after 43 dogs found dead

SEAFORD, Del. - One animal organization in Seaford is telling us that these deplorable conditions of the 31 dogs found on one property had to have developed over a long period of time. 

Sussex County Animal/Whimsical Animal Rescue tells 47 ABC that these animals were so matted that they couldn't eliminate waste, which means that could have been a year to get to that point.

The animal rescue has been there for 16 years and they say the owners did not reach out for help during that time. 

Now they are urging everyone to seek help if need be to prevent situations like this from happening.

We are told they are a small organization but they can help connect you to other services.

A simple phone call can change these animals lives. 

President Tammy Magaha says, "We have to be their eyes, their ears and their voices, because they no voice so if you see something tell somebody you can easily us at like I said if we can't help, we're still going  to try to find help for you."

If you think there's something wrong happening just like this incident, reach out to any animal rescue organization  or animal control at 302-255-4646.

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