Inside look at horrible living conditions for neglected Seaford Dogs

An inside look at the horrible...

SEAFORD, Del. - It's one of the largest cases of animal neglect SPCA Georgetown has ever seen. 43 dogs dead, 31 clinging to life all found on one property.

It was a property in Seaford and on Wednesday 47 ABC got the chance to take a walk through it, and learn more about the man who is at the center of the investigation.

"It was the worst sight I'd ever seen."

Michael and Kathie Brack are the ones who first discovered what was being hidden at this Matts Road property in Seaford.

"You know as far as crates and kennels and feces and dogs laying in the feces and dead dogs laying there. I just told my kids to get back inside shut the door," says Michael.

It's conditions that 47 ABC's Dani Bozzini got to see first hand conditions that she couldn't really put into words.

Feces piled high in every cage, the smell nauseating.

It's a question Michael, the stepson of the man responsible tried to answer.

"When my dad got sick a few years ago he became you know take care of him, his sole caretaker and I guess you know it got away from him and dad became priority and in no way am I making excuses for him he just got overwhelmed and my father wasn't able to help him anymore."

On Saturday, Michael got a call saying his step dad had tried to commit suicide.

After his father passed away from colon cancer in August, Michael says his husband was having a hard time coping, but he had no idea the dogs weren't being cared for.
"Not in a million years did we think we were going to find this just to walk in the front door not even a smell," adding, "There were no more dogs out there. I mean that's what we were told that they had gotten older had died off they used to breed and groom and show dogs so we knew there were a couple but nothing like this."

The Brack's tell us that the step father is still in the hospital recovering.
They are hoping that by telling their story and how they believe this all unraveled that it can serve as an example to anyone who is struggling mentally or physically to seek help.  

The state is still investigating this animal neglect case and there's still a lot we don't know officially.

We still don't know the name of the man responsible and charges have not been filed.

The Brack's tell us that the man responsible is still in the hospital recovering but as of today he knows all of this is happening.

According to the Brack's, the police have not seen him yet and are waiting to take him up to Dover to be evaluated after his health is in check.

They are assuming charges will come, as his case remains one of the worst SPCA Georgetown has ever seen.

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