6-year-old with incurable disease gets allergen-free home

6-year-old with incurable disease...

DELMAR, Del. - 47 ABC caught up with 6-year-old Gavin Bender, after we've been following his story for some time.

Gavin has a rare incurable rare disease that effects his esophagus.

The disease essentially makes his allergies trigger white blood cell buildup in his throat.

But we have some good news.

His family is finally getting a new home to benefit Gavin, that will be allergen-free.

The new house has no carpets and double-panel windows.

It will even have something to filter out dust and it will have the type of heating and AC that he needs.

The family will get their new home in October after it is delivered by Atlantis Homes.

As for Gavin, well we're told he's about to start first grade and he's been stable.


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