$5.5 million going toward new and rehabilitated housing throughout Delaware

WILMINGTON, Del. - Governor John Carney announced Monday that nine projects statewide will receive more than $5 million from Delaware's Strong Neighborhoods Housing Fund to address vacant, abandoned and foreclosed properties.

The funding will lead to around 100 new or rehabilitated housing units throughout the state, including in Dover, Milford and Laurel.

"This funding will directly help families, cities and towns across Delaware become stronger," Gov. Carney said. "When families step into houses, they become homes - residences of refuge, centers of companionship, locations of learning and places of worship. Home is where we celebrate our accomplishments and draw upon strength and support to face our challenges."

Kent County will see $1.5 million, with $1 million going to 20 new units in Dover and $500,000 going to 10 new units in Milford. Sussex County will receive $500,000 for 10 new units by the Laurel Redevelopment Corporation in Laurel.

"These projects will be helping families and individuals who need housing, while strengthening the neighborhoods in which they are located, revitalizing properties that have fallen into disrepair and bringing people back to live in them," Delaware State Housing Authority Director Anas Ben Addi said.

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