$1.8 million grant awarded to Delaware State University

DOVER, Del. - The National Science Foundation recently awarded Delaware State University a five-year $1.8 million HBCU-UP grant. This was done in support of the University’s Transforming Education through Active Learning (TEAL) initiative.

The HBCU-UP grant will assist DSU in achieving its goal of student success.

DSU said TEAL will transform first and second-year laboratory courses by introducing students to research through authentic inquiry activities. The grant will help fund the redesign of traditional laboratory exercises to connect the research to real-world problems.

The student success initiative includes the development of a peer teaching and learning model to develop the leadership skills of advanced students to help prepare them for graduate school or employment.

DSU said the initiative also aims to bridge the gap of understanding between DSU and potential employers through the development of partnerships and internship opportunities.

The original principal investigator of the grant was Dr. Clytrice Watson. Dr. Charlie Wilson has since taken over as the principal investigator.

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