12-hour barricade in Lincoln results in man taken into custody along with an evaluation

12-hour barricade in Lincoln results in man taken into custody along with evaluation

LINCOLN, Del. - A gun, an arrest, and hours on the ground for police in Lincoln, Delaware this morning was anything but routine. 

Police had been out on Johnson Road since 1:03 a.m. It was a barricade and it all started when a 66-year-old man called police sounding irrational.

The stand-off ended at 1:25 the next day when the suspect finally surrendered.

Master Corporal Fournier says, "In any case like this time is on our side. We want to evaluate what's going on with the person trying to find any resources that he may had have contact with, establish communication with him, but we also want a safe resolution with any safe barricaded subject. The subject has exited the house, was taking into custody by our State Police Special Operations Response Team."

A big factor helping law enforcement during this time, utilizing gas in the house to get him out.  

Police have not released his name yet, but they say they did find a weapon inside. 

"We did recover a weapon inside the house that has been taken care of but they will continue to operate on Johnson road for a little bit while longer. There might be charges forthcoming in this, we still have investigation to do as far as searching the house," Fournier tells 47 ABC. 

The man inside is going to a near by hospital to get an evaluation.

And with a situation like this, one school decided to stop classes today.

The Morris Early Childhood Center took action when news broke out about the barricade, since their location is extremely close.

We are told each scenario the school faces is case by case and for this situation, they didn't have school for the safety of the children.

Johnson Road can be quite the common route to get to the Morris Early Childhood Center and they wanted to make sure they were taking precaution when it came to transportation.

We are told that officers will continue to stay on Johnson Road for sometime.

During this barricade, residents were told to evacuate but now they can come back. 

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