Crews asking public to stay home while they plow the roads

Crews asking public to stay home...

47 ABC - Snow is falling and plows are hitting the roads, but crews say they need the public to help them do their job.

They are encouraging people to refrain from driving and stay home, at least until their plows are off the roads.

If you have to drive, officials said you should always allow some distance between yourself and a plow truck, or even other vehicles, because if you get in an accident, it could have some disastrous consequences for everyone. 

Accidents caused by snow or black ice typically result in a road blockage, congestion, or even a multi-car pile up.

Officials added that you could have an increased chance of getting into an accident with a plow truck.

Alastair Probert, DelDOT's District Engineer, said, "The biggest thing we say is just be aware that our plow trucks have a lot of blind spots so the operator driving the plow truck can't really see what's going on around them. If a car tucks into the blind spot, it can be a hazardous situation so we ask people recognize that and please don't overtake our plow trucks because it adds a lot more risk to an already dangerous situation."

They say if you must drive, make sure you drive slowly, allow for plenty of space from other cars, and give yourself plenty of time to brake.

They also say you should be extra wary of black ice on the roads.

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