Young Father Murdered in Salisbury

Police Search for Clues in Case

SALISBURY, Md. - Its a  murder mystery that has both state and local police scratching their heads, while residents live in fear.

Investigators believe that this victim, a 32 year old Salisbury man, was in the street or near the street on Bethel Street yesterday, when he was approached by one or more suspects who assaulted him.

The victim is Tavin Molock. Friends tell 47 ABC that he was a father and a star football and basketball player at Cambridge South Dorchester.

Molock's body was discovered on Sunday morning, just before noon, in the 400 block of Bethel Street, less than a half block away from Prince Street Elementary.

We spoke to one resident who didn't want to show her face out of fear of being identified, but says this recent crime makes her scared for son, who is near the victim's age.

"I worry every time he walks out the door until the time he comes back. And if he's gone a long time, I'm blowing his phone up like 'are you okay? where are you?'," the woman said.

Investigators say they don't have much to go on. They say, as of Monday, there are no suspects or persons of interest in the case and no motive.

Right now investigators continuing to talk to family members and those who knew this victim to try to put together a scenario of who might have been involved in this.

Maryland State Police say Molock's upper torso had signs of trauma, but his team is waiting on a report from the Baltimore Medical Examiner's Office to help offer up more details.

The crime scene tape has been removed, but neighbors say they are terrified and are taking extra precautions, until the people responsible are brought to justice.

"I just want everyone to be safe and be careful. Make sure your windows and doors are locked cause you just never know what might happen from one second to the next." 

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