Teacher Who Makes a Difference Winners

Teacher Who Makes a Difference - December 2017

Elizabeth Davidson

Showell elementary School/Berlin, MD

Nominated by:  Silviya Gallo

I want to nominate my son's teacher - Miss Davidson. When my son came home reciting the Mathematical Practices after a week of school, I knew she is special. Miss Davidson is passionate, caring, and fun, inspiring all of her students to always be their best. She is very well organized, and often updates parents with details from the classroom. She spends many hours looking for the best resources for her students, and reading educational materials. Her excitement about teaching is transferred onto the students, and parents. She is constantly sending additional materials home, so parents can have resources to help the young learners. It's easy to tell Miss Davidson doesn't have a favorite subject - she loves them all! She is building a great community in her classroom, encouraging students to read high level books, write using rich vocabulary, practice math with a variety of strategies, and learn about science through meaningful concepts. Miss Davidson is a huge asset to SES and all of her students are fortunate to be in her class. Miss Davidson makes a difference in my son's and his classmates lives daily in third grade, and the skills she's teaching them will make a difference in their future as well! Thank you Miss Davidson!

Teacher Who Makes a Difference - November 2017

Jennifer Jones

Deal Island Elementary/Deal Island/MD

Nominated by:  Alison Simmons

Jenny Jones deserves this award because she geniunely cares about the success of her students. Before she started at Deal Island Elementary she worked at another school in a bad neighborhood and bought her kids coats that didn't have one during the winter months. And at this new job she bought stools for her classroom so her kids would be more comfortable out of her own pocket. She calls her students "her kids" and treats them like she would her own son

Teacher Who Makes a Difference - October 2017

Antionette Daniel

Parkside High School

Nominated by:  Autumn heater

Mrs. Daniel should win the teachers award because she is a teacher who is there for everyone. She pushes her students to do the best they can even when they do not think they can. Last year I did not see me making it into concert choir with all honors classes but she pushed me to make it and step out of my comfort zone to do concert choir. She acts as a mom to all of the kids she teaches, and to me that means a lot being I lost my mom when I was 6. So I needed that structure that extra push and she was always there. If all you need is to sit and talk she is there, if you need a shoulder to cry on she is there or, if you need extra motivation she will be there. That is why I believe Mrs. Daniel should win this award

Teacher Who Makes a Difference - September 2017

Maple Elementary School

Nominated by:  Savannah Weber

I'm a 4th grader at Maple Elementary School in Cambridge, Md. Mr. Washington is the coolest music teacher there is. I play the clarinet. Mr. Washington has really invested his all into the Band. Last year He decided to start a Drum line and flags at Maple Elementary. This is the first elementary school in Md to have Drum line and flags.  Mr. Washington attended CSDHS as well as Morgan State where He was in band. Everything He has learned as a student, He has passed it on down to his students. His life has come to a complete full circle. He spends his pay check to buy his students pizza all the time. He stays after school daily til 5 pm to spend time with students to practice for band. Maple Elementary drum line and flags were able to open up Teachers kick off in Aug. We are booked for parades. In Oct our band will be taking a trip to Morgan State University where Mr. Washington attended college to participate in the homecoming and to see the Morgan State band upfront.  Mr. Washington puts his All in to investing into his Band at Maple. Because of Mr. Washington many children lives has been touched, they have become the best at what they do because of Mr. Washington. Children have gained confidence because of Band and drum line.  Mr. Washington pours his all into his students. His students looks up to him. Because of the drum line it has helped children to have good behavior or they can't be in band. Mr Washington expects the best and the children want to give their best and all.  Mr Washington has changed the school for the best because of his love for music and to help children. He knows what it was like growing up and he can relate to so many children.  He is a great roll model and he has set the standards for others to follow and to proof you can rise higher when you put your all into what you love to do.  He is a great teacher. The best. Kids love him. He has changed this community, the school for the better.  This is why Mr. Washington deserve this award!  Thank you for all you do Mr. Washington. 


Teacher Who Makes a Difference - April 2017

Ms. Mary Laurenzano
Bennett Middle School

Nominated by: Cheryl Donalds

Our family would like to nominate Ms. Mary Laurenzano as a Teacher Who Makes a Difference.  Bennett Middle is blessed to have such an AWESOME, WONDERFUL, PASSIONATE & DEDICATED teacher and role model who truly cares about the success of her students and makes a difference in her students lives each day. She is always available each morning before school starts to help with Math assignments and answer any questions.  She has been a blessing to our family and we would love for her to be recognized as a Teacher Who Makes a Difference.  Thank you!!

Teacher Who Makes a Difference - March 2017

Ms. Andrea Hamilton
Lake Forest East Elementary School

Nominated by: Anthony Blackburn 

My name's Anthony Blackburn I am 10 years old and I nominate my homeroom teacher Ms. Hamilton because she is a awesome and caring teacher, at times I couldn't pay for my trips and she made sure I went anyway and had lunch, she's my favorite teacher in the world. She is loving caring and a very nice person, At the end of this year of 2017 will be my last year at lake forest east elementary and I'm very sad because they Care a lot for children and it's a awesome school, I will miss Ms. Hamilton very much

Teacher Who Makes a Difference - February 2017

Ms. Michelle Ott
Pocomoke High School, Pocomoke City, Maryland

Nominated by:    Beau Williams

Pocomoke High School math teacher Michelle Ott is deserving of the “Teacher’s Who Make a Difference” recognition because of her devotion to our students at Pocomoke High School. As a first-year teacher, she has stepped up to the challenge of teaching two AP courses, calculus and statistics, to college bound students. She is always looking for different ways to reach student understanding by including daily group work, interactive math activities, and technology into her lessons. Michelle goes above and beyond to support students needing academic help. She also provides extra lesson materials for students who seek to understand more and accelerate in the daily lessons. She stays after school daily to be accessible to students requiring help with math homework. While math is her teaching passion, she finds time to be part of the After-School Academies in helping and teaching students in other content areas such as Social Studies and English. Ms. Ott is a role model and cheer leader for student success in both our school and our community. This year she even helped form the “Blue and Gold Crew” to boost school spirit and participation in activities. Therefore, Michelle Ott is deserving of this honor.

Teacher Who Makes a Difference - January 2017

Mr. Rodney Lee
North Dorchester Middle School

Nominated by: Erin Riggin

Mr. Lee is the very best teacher I have ever had the privilege of being taught by. I remember wanting to quit band when I got to middle school, but because of the amazing things I heard about Mr. Lee from his middle school students at that time I stuck with band and I am still in his class today as an eighth grader.   I auditioned for the All-shore band my 7th grade year and I am doing it again this year. Mr. Lee stays after school with us every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to work with us on our solo pieces used to audition. He knows that he doesn’t have to do that. He could be home with his wife and child, yet there he sits in the band room from 2:30pm to 5:00pm willing to help any musician that needs it. Honestly, I do not think I would be half of the musician I am if that man were not my director. He always puts his students first and makes sure that we know what we need to so that we can be superior musicians. He deserves so much for his commitment to our band and his students.

Nominated by: Brooke Brohawn

Mr. Lee brought smiles to children's faces, music accomplishments in their lives, and much more respect and confidence that his students uphold. Class starts with a warm-up scale, some practicing, and then about half way through we have what I like to call "Story Time." Every day we get a loving family-friendly story that teaches us about life, how to behave and how to become successful. Mr. Lee brings out the best in his students. Through music experiences he teaches us how to respect yourself and others and how to be proud of yourself and how far we've come. We go from Veteran's Day concert

Teacher Who Makes a Difference - December 2016

Kelly McLaughlin
Princess Anne Elementary School

Nominated by: Chelsea Massey

After seeing "Teachers Who Make a Difference" on WMDT, there was instantly one teacher in particular that came to mind - Mrs. Kelly McLaughlin, a teacher at Princess Anne Elementary.  Mrs. McLaughlin is one who deserves to be recognized for her ability to make a positive difference in the lives of her students.  She encourages, supports, guides, cares for, inspires, and challenges her students.  Creating a fun, safe, positive environment for her students, she has this energy and love for teaching that is contagious.   Every student that walks into her classroom is blessed to have her as their teacher.  With her they will always be loved, always be cared about, always having someone they can turn to.  Working with many teachers over the years, I'd have to say that she is by far one of the best there is and very deserving of this honor.

Teacher Who Makes a Difference - November 2016 Winner

Breonna Hopkins

East Salisbury Elementary School

Salisbury, Maryland

Teacher Who Makes a Difference - October 2016 Winner

Caroline Scanlon
Georgetown Elementary School

Georgetown, Delaware
5th Grade

Nominated by: Ashlyn Elliott

Although I am now in 6th at Georgetown Middle School, I have to give my biggest thanks to my 5th grade teacher Ms. Scanlon. Over the course of 5th grade she taught me many things, but the two most important, I think, are to always believe in myself and to always do my best. Those are two things she instills in all her students. She truly helped me to exceed and become a better student. She genuinely cares for her students and their success, and it shows. Each grade has helped to prepare me for my middle school journey, but having Ms. Scanlon in 5th grade was by far the biggest blessing to me. To see a teacher that young jump in to teaching and do so with her kind of attitude and heart really speaks volumes about her teaching. She is simply amazing!!


Teacher Who Makes a Difference - September 2016 Winner

Wendy Webb
Southern Delaware School of the Arts

Selbyville, DE
6th Grade ELA and Social Studies

Nominated by:   Jacob Youse

Mrs. Webb is my favorite teacher of all time (so far) and she is full of surprises and is super creative. There wasn't one day I didn't want to come to school because of her. She shares so many interesting anecdotes and always makes us laugh.  She teaches us something daily and there is never a boring day. Mrs. Webb is such a good teacher I will never get tired of her interesting ways to teach boring lessons. We even made our own globes, which was so fun! Mrs. Webb is by far an amazingly talented teacher who you would definitely want to have for six grade. I don't think I could have had a better six grade year.


Teacher Who Makes a Difference - May 2016 Winner

Nicole Andrews
Greenwood Elementary School
Princess Anne, MD

Nominated by:  Jennifer Shores

Mrs. Andrews is a great teacher and goes above and beyond for all of students. She is encouraging and has provided many opportunities to recognize the accomplishments of her students including helping them read, write and illustrate their own books in kindergarten. She has created amazing science experiments including watching butterflies grow and growing plants from seeds.  Mrs. Andrews deserves to be recognized for her outstanding commitment to her students!


Teacher Who Makes a Difference - April 2016 Winner

Kenneth Johnson
Salisbury Middle School
Salisbury, Maryland

Nominated by Rebecca Clark

Mr. Johnson is always there for you whenever you need him. He is always so energetic. He is funny humorous and an overall good guy. He loves teaching us, puts a lot of effort into his power points and lets us stay after school with him if we need help.


Teacher Who Makes a Difference - March 2016 Winner

West Salisbury Elementary School
Salisbury, Maryland

Nominated by: Olivia Eagle

He has taught in the county for over 30 years.  He spent his first couple of years teaching physical education to high school students. Then he became part of a new program called ‘Beyond The Limits’ which was an adventure-based program for students and adults run by Wicomico County. He worked with that program for 20 years until the funding ran out and he returned to the classroom. He had the most wonderful attitude about it and he never let the change bring him down. He spent a year at Wicomico Middle School, which was very different than what he had done before, but he was able to adapt to change and use his adventure-based leadership skills. After a year he transferred to West Salisbury Elementary which he was extremely excited about because he is a ‘zany’ guy and he was excited to be able to adapt his ‘zany-ness’ to the classroom.  At West Salisbury he has been a key player in the push for a new school.  He even took time out of his busy schedule to go to the County Council so he could get his message across regarding how much they need a new school.

He is known as the king of ‘teachology’ across the county because he is always using smart boards and iPads in his classroom. He is known for being able to work with all students and help them develop into the best person they can be. During his Physical Education classes, the students are not only working on their PE skills but also on their reading and math.  He does a wonderful job working with student teachers from Salisbury University and letting them develop and become leaders in classroom.

 Overall he is a top notch teacher and deserves the highest honor for the benefits he has given this community. He has also run programs in the summer for children for over 20 years Camp --Odyssey and Horizons.


Teacher Who Makes a Difference - February 2016 Winner

Ms. Shanann Schmal
Lake Forest High School
Felton, DE
9-12 / Family & Consumer Sciences

Nominated by: Sherry Owens

Compassionate, sincere, caring, inspirational, and energetic are words that describe Ms. Shanann Schmal of Lake Forest HS. Ms. Schmal is a Family and Consumer Sciences instructor. She provides an educational environment with a flare of fun, creativity, and sincerity while also being a mentor to the students. Ms. Schmal is always willing to listen, help, and take the extra step to assist the student in the classroom while offering a kind word of encouragement. She gives the students a sense of security and comfort in knowing that someone truly cares about them. She has the unique ability to make the curricula interesting, aspiring, and relative to life lessons and situations. The students within Ms. Schmal's classes ascertain knowledge, self-worth, and skills to utilize in life. Ms. Schmal gives her students an opportunity to obtain priceless knowledge to put forth in today's and tomorrow's world. Ms. Schmal is an attribute to the teaching profession and a valuable asset to any school system. She is an instructor, friend, and a "mother" to so many. Ms. Schmal is definitely a "teacher who makes a difference" and deserves the recognition for such.

Ms. Owens


Teacher Who Makes a Difference - January 2016 Winner

Christy Cannell
Prince Street Elementary - Music
Nominated by: Chase Gilbert

Ms.Cannell has a heart for kids in-need and that's why she loves teaching at a Title 1 School. Most of these kids have hardships at home and Ms.Cannell creates a place that seeks the best of each child. [ With most of the kids going home to broken homes, she has created ways to give importance to each child.] She started an after school Inspirational Dance Team and originated the "Speak Life Letters" that her kids write to other students, teachers, and staff throughout the school. The letters tell the recipient why they are cherished by the student. The letters are meant to uplift and tell them why they are special. She also has been nominated for Teacher of the year in Wicomico County, which speaks volumes of how the Principle looks at Ms. Cannel’s ability to inspire and teach students.
That’s why I think she should be Teacher of the Month.


Teacher Who Makes a Difference - December 2015 Winner

DOVER, Del. -

Name: Tyrone Smith

School: Dover HS

Subjects: Algebra and Geometry

Grades: 10-12

Nominated by:  Autumn Foraker

10th Grade Geometry

I've chosen my geometry teacher, Mr. Smith, out of all my other teachers because he's impacted my life and my school work more than anyone else. Because of him I finished off the first marking period with a 98% in his class, and that was all because of the time and effort he's taking out of his day after school to help me when I need it. He takes from his own personal time to tutor students after school despite how busy he is. He ALWAYS makes time for us. Because of him and the way he teaches, I enjoy geometry. He makes it easy to understand and easier to remember what's being taught in class. He wants nothing more than for his students to succeed and expects absolutely nothing in return for his good deeds. He really deserves recognition for all his hard work and dedication to his students. He deserves it more than anyone.


Teacher Who Makes a Difference - November 2015 Winner

Jill Lewandowski - Woodbridge Middle School

Nominated by: Gianna Stewart

Mrs. Lewandowski is the teacher I nominated for various reasons. She has always been kind, caring, and helpful. She never has a bad attitude and is very respectable. Mrs. Lewandowski makes lessons relatable and fun. She is an amazing person and makes her honors classroom feel like a home. In our classroom we are all family and we are able to voice our opinions at an appropriate level. On lessons that may seem boring, she makes it so that everyone is able to see the importance of the content and allows us to make connections as to how this relates to times in our lives. Mrs. Lewandowski is very helpful when it comes to understanding and getting our classwork and assesments just right. She shows us ways to get to exemplary.


Teacher Who Makes A Difference - October 2015

Brenda Hommel- Stephen Decatur High School

Nominated by: Silviya Gallo

Mrs. Hommel takes teaching to the next level. She doesn’t simply want the students to test well, she wants them to succeed and think critically. She challenges them to succeed by spending almost every minute of the day planning for a lesson that students will enjoy. Mrs. Hommel is caring, and it shows by the number of students who stop every day to say hello even though they’re not in her class any more.


Teacher Who Makes a Difference - September 2015 Winner

Teacher: Jeniffer Teagle
School: Laurel High School
Nominated by: Alexis Horsey

She is a great teacher. She helps with whatever you need help to become successful.


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