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Daylilies, the perfect perennial


Daylilies, often referred to as the "perfect perennial, are a staple of many American gardens and gardeners. Although each blossom lasts but 24 hours, the various cultivars bloom from spring until fall. Leash blossom appears on multiple flower stems with multiple branches. This unique flowering habit results in bunches of flowers (Gardening Grannies don't do math) over a long period of time.

Japanese Kerria: a Shrub for all Seasons


Salisbury, MD Japanese Kerria: a shrub for all seasons. Originally imported from China and Japan, this hardy shrub is nearly indestructible. The round puffy rose-like bright yellow flowers about the

So Much More Than Just a Pretty Face


Salisbury, MD Forsythia: so much more than just a pretty face! Forsythia, the symbol of springtime and promise of summer soon to come, is really gardening calendar according to local folklore. With

Garden Shows


February 28 – March 2: PA Garden Show of York. This year's theme is "Fairy Tale Gardens" where your favorite storybook characters come to life. Show visitors are encouraged to bring the whole family and

Valentine's Day


Salisbury, MD. Not sure what to get your sweetie for Valentine's Day? If she has a soft spot in her heart for flowers, the Gardening Grannies suggest you consider a day at Longwood Gardens. Beginning with

Gardening by Mail


Salisbury, MD. January is Mail Order Gardening Month and the Gardening Grannies have pulled out their credit cards and checkbooks and are fully prepared to do their part in stimulating the American economy.

Happy New Year from the Gardening Grannies


Salisbury, MD. After a year-long absence from blogging, the Gardening Grannies celebrated our return to garden blogging at our annual New Year's Day Retreat at Granny Griffith's home just south of Salisbury.

Chrysanthemum Festival Open Until Sunday

One Plant, One Thousand Mums One Plant, One Thousand Mums

Chrysanthemum Festival at Longwood Gardens, PA  If all (or most) of what you know about chrysanthemums is limited to the round bushes of small burgundy, rust, white or yellow round flowers.....

Be a Master Gardener!


Salisbury, MD. Have you ever wondered why some folks' gardens seem to thrive while others languish? Ever wonder how some folks always seem to know where to go for practical information when a gardening problem crops up?

Farmers' Markets

Delectable melons at the Salisbury Farmers' Market Delectable melons at the Salisbury Farmers' Market

Farmers' Market inSalisbury, MD. The rains came down and everybody was late to the Farmers' Market Saturday morning. No matter! When the Gardening Grannies finally arrived around 10AM, the place was bustling.


Lavender shrubs in garden setting Lavender shrubs in garden setting

Salisbury, MD. What grows in sandy, gravelly soil with minimal moisture, no mulch no fertilizer, repels insects, soothes the nerves and smells heavenly? There is only one plant that fits the bill and it's

Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea Blossoms Sweet Pea Blossoms

Salisbury, MD. There are English peas (the shelled kind you buy by the bag at the supermarket) and there are Sugar Peas (by whatever name you call them). Both kinds are delicious and good for you. There is a third kind of pea that the Gardening Grannies universally adore

Seeds 2 Supper: Sugar Peas

Sugar Peas Sugar Peas

Salisbury, MD. If you planted your Sugar Peas (sugar peas, snap peas, sugar snaps, snow peas, pea pods, whichever might be your naming preference) on or around St. Patrick's Day, you are most likely

It's Strawberry Time

Freshly Picked Strawberries Freshly Picked Strawberries

Salisbury, MD. Strawberries and Strawberry Festivals present some of the finest eating opportunities found anywhere on Delmarva! The Gardening Grannies respectfully suggest that, if you can squeeze one event into this Memorial Day weekend, you consider

The Spring Garden

The first harvest of figs The first harvest of figs

Salisbury, MD. Today, we took a walk around Granny Griffith's raised bed veggie garden and were inspired by the promise of summer bounty yet to come. The spring weather, no matter how little it may have impressed us humans, the veggies obviously


Early clematis covering shepherd's crook Early clematis covering shepherd's crook

Salisbury, MD. You say Clematis (KLEM-a-tis), I say Clematis (klem-AH-tis). No matter how you pronounce it, Clematis is a wonderful plant for most locations. If you garden in a small area, it's perfect


Yellow Columbine Yellow Columbine

Salisbury, MD: Columbines: Hummers and butterflies love them. Deer lose their appetite and move on. Most insects can't be bothered. Columbines, depending on species, are two to three feet tall and come

Celebrating Mother's Day

© Jupiterimages/Comstock/Thinkstock © Jupiterimages/Comstock/Thinkstock

Salisbury, MD. So, you haven't bought that Mother's Day present yet? You say she doesn't need anything and you've no clue where to go from there? Well, you're certainly not alone in that particular boat.

Rhodies and Azaleas

Rhododendron Rhododendron

Salisbury, MD. Once upon a time, long, long ago, young Englishmen with a penchant for gardening and exotic plants used to dream of traveling to faraway lands and bringing back exotic plants which would

Garden Wisely


Salisbury, MD. The Chesapeake Bay, our water ways and aquifers are our treasures. Without pure, clean water, our communities cannot remain healthy. There are hundreds of studies out there blaming the contamination


Re-blooming iris Re-blooming iris

Salisbury, MD. If you're one of those folks who, when s/he hears the word "iris", only thinks of the pale lavender variety that grew in her mother's garden, the Gardening Grannies would like to broaden

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Trumpet Honeysuckle Trumpet Honeysuckle

Salisbury, MD. "April Showers Bring May Flowers" is a little poem that many of us have heard since childhood but few of us know where it came from. It seems that Thomas Tusser (1524-1580) compiled a collection

Size Matters

Miniature Lilac Miniature Lilac

Salisbury, MD. The Gardening Grannies want to remind you that size really does matter when it comes to purchasing plants for your garden. When they say "size" they aren't talking about the size-upon-purchase,

Are You Ready For Some Action?


Salisbury, MD. Are you ready for some action???? You can become part of the "Jamie Oliver Food Revolution" with these four easy steps.....

Why Should We Get Behind the "Jamie Oliver Food Revolution"?


Salisbury, MD. What is "The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution" philosophy? The answer is simple: if we love our kids, we've got to raise them to be healthier adults. There are several components to raising

The Jamie Oliver Phenomenon


Salisbury, MD. At the moment, Tuesday nights at 8PM on WMDT ABC 47 is "appointment viewing" for the Gardening Grannies: It's "Jamie Oliver Food Revolution" time! If you're not familiar with the "Jamie

Daffodil Test: Did It Prove Anything?


Salisbury, MD. Back on 4 April, the Gardening Grannies tested the toxicity of daffodils in a mixed bouquet with tulips….and promised you some answers. The results may be a week late, but they do have some

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Home and GardenTour


Salisbury, MD. What better way to celebrate Tax Day than to go on a spectacular garden tour? The 78th annual "Historic Garden Week Eastern Shore" will take place Saturday, 16 April 2011. Presented by the

Do You Really Know How to Pick a Daffodil?


Salisbury, MD. Do you really know how to pick a daffodil? No, that's not a rhetorical question. Daffodils, due to their very nature, can be more than a little tricky to use successfully in a vase. Conventional wisdom tells us

What's Your Pleasure?

Camellia Camellia

Salisbury, MD. One of the true pleasures of gardening is to watch your garden evolve into something personal over the years, something that causes you to smile whenever you look at it. Accomplishing that starts with one simple and often overlooked fact

Chive Culture

Garlic Chives Garlic Chives

Salisbury, MD. One of the easiest year-round herbs to grow is chives. Chive culture is very simple but there are a couple key tips to remember that will help spur your success. First of all, chives are

Was It The Onion Snow?

Egyptian Onions Egyptian Onions

Salisbury, MD. Sunday's snowfall was "perfect" according to the Gardening Grannies, but did it qualify as The Onion Snow? This is important to know because, according to definition, The Onion Snow is the

A Beautiful Spring Morning

Weeping Willow Weeping Willow

A Beautiful Spring Morning in Salisbury, MD. Depending on where you woke up on the Peninsula this morning, you saw a beautiful snowfall ranging from a dusting to a little over an inch. It is a rare occasion

The Magic of Master Gardeners


Salisbury, MD. The magic of Master Gardeners! You've heard about Master Gardeners but may not know just who they are or why you should consider becoming one. Being a Master Gardener is one of the most

A Horticultural Mania Quiz


Salisbury, MD. One of the Gardening Grannies shared this and, unfortunately, it is without identification of the oh-so-clever author. If I knew who the author is, l would be glad to credit him/her publicly.

The International Philadelphia Flower Show 2011


Salisbury, MD. The International Philadelphia Flower Show was absolutely spectacular this year. In the event you weren't able to attend, following are what some of the Gardening Grannies found to be highlights.....

Just Eleven Days!


Salisbury, MD. Just eleven days between today and the first official day of Spring! Can you believe it? With a long, blustery, bone-chilling winter finally drawing to a close, the Gardening Grannies are suffering from a severe case of Spring Fever!  The symptoms of this condition are

Planning Your Yarden for Next Spring


Salisbury, MD. Last weekend's warm weather brought the crocuses into bloom in lawns throughout most of Delmarva. Flower heads and foliage of early daffodils have pushed up through the fallen leaves, promising

Spring Training


Salisbury, MD. Yes, indeed, it is the wise gardener who goes into spring training this time of year. While baseball may be the first thing to come to mind when someone says, "spring training", it is equally important for Gardeners.  The Gardening Grannies have a four-step program to get you ready!

Winter Composting


Salisbury, MD. The Grannies would like to share some winter composting experiences with you. Winter composting, as many of you know, is pretty much limited to disposal of vegetable matter from your kitchens.  What's the most responsible, yet not onerous, way to do that?  The Gardening Grannies suggest

Which Witch Hazel?


Salisbury, MD. Nothing cheers a Gardening Granny more than having blooms in the house in February and nothing gives a Granny a more self satisfied feeling than being able to walk out into the yard, knee deep in snow, and cut some for free.  "But, what fits the bill?" you are no doubt asking yourself.  It's not a flower, my gardening friends, it's a small tree.

Fourteen out of twenty-five Groundhogs Recommend an Early Spring


Salisbury, MD. Fourteen out of twenty-five Groundhogs recommend an early spring. That's certainly not the formidable stuff of which commercials are made but, nonetheless, it's where the numbers come down.  The Gardening Grannies researched the predictions of twenty-five whistle pigs and found

When Can We Expect Springtime?


Salisbury, MD. So, with all this crazy weather….how's a Granny supposed to know when Old Man Winter will finally be gone and springtime arrive? When will that 50/50 frost date be? You know, the date on

February 1: The Feast of St. Brigid of Ireland


Salisbury, MD. Not being ones to miss an opportunity for a party, the Gardening Grannies wish to remind you of the Feast Day of St. Brigid. Not heard of her? St. Brigid of Kildare is one of the three most

Leeks: Beyond Soup!


Salisbury, MD. There are a ton of uses for leeks beyond soup. Some are simple like… 1) Substitute leeks for onions when frying potatoes for a sweeter taste. If you fry with Yukon Gold potatoes, you might

Curing the Winter Blahs


Salisbury, MD. Here's a suggestion for getting over the Winter Blahs: the Philadelphia Flower Show…. the Grandmama of all flower shows! Long known as the largest, most spectacular show on the East Coast,

Leeks: Seeds 2 Supper


Eeek……leeks! If you are new to the world of leeks and possibly a tad intrigued by our last post on growing leeks from seed, you may be asking yourself, "If I grow them, what on earth will I do with them?"



Salisbury, MD Leeks! If you haven't tried them, you really should; they are truly an under-utilized veggie on Delmarva. The Gardening Grannies believe that not only are they milder and sweeter than onions, but they are easier to digest....a fact not lost on the Grannies.

Waiting For That Warm Weekend


Salisbury, MD. Once we've passed mid-winter (Groundhog's Day to most of you, day after her birthday to Granny Griffith), common gardening wisdom says that the first warm day is when you do your winter pruning.  While there are many theories on how and when to prune, here are some things to consider

Continuing Education for Gardeners


Salisbury, MD. Spring gardening is just around the corner with our 50/50 frost date in early to mid-April depending where on Delmarva you happen to garden. Therefore, Gardening Granny logic says, "Take a couple courses, make some new friends and sharpen up an attitude before the spring planting season begins.

Why Did The Woolly Bear Cross The Road?


Salisbury, MD. Upon learning that the Gardening Grannies referenced the Woolly Bear Caterpillar's markings as one of the considerations of their winter forecast, a neighbor politely inquired as to what Woolly Bears" feed on.  The Grannies had to admit that they didn't know, so they started a search for facts.  See what they learned......

National Mail Order Gardening Month


Salisbury, MD. January is National Mail Order Gardening Month and the Gardening Grannies have pulled out their credit cards and checkbooks and are fully prepared to do their part in making National Mail Order Gardening Month a success.  Check out their personal favorites and tell us yours.

Grannies' New Year's Resolutions


Salisbury, MD. Did you know that the New Year's celebration is the oldest celebration in existence? Did you know that the making of New Year's Resolutions have been around for over a thousand years? Think you know what the Gardening Grannies' resolutions for 2011 might be? Let's see how well you know the Grannies and what they might be thinking.....

Can This Shed Be Saved?

Granny's Shed Granny's Shed

Salisbury, MD. Can this shed be saved? We all have something in our gardens that, every time we look at it, we have that nagging thought that we should do something about it. We're just not happy with

After the Snowfall


Salisbury, MD. The December 2010 blizzard is over. We are looking at a range of an inch or two of snow in the northern end of the Peninsula to eight to twelve in the Salisbury area to fifteen or more in the southern end.  Today, the sun is out, the temps are creeping to the 40's and the snow is beginning to melt.  We just need to wait it out, right?  Wrong!

Poor Man's Fertilizer


Salisbury, MD. When the Gardening Grannies were growing up in various parts of the mid-Atlantic, "Snow is the poor man's fertilizer" was an expression often heard uttered (or, perhaps, muttered) by their parents and grandparents.  Now, why would those old timers refer to snow as fertilizer?  And, specifically, why poor man's fertilizer?

A Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice


Salisbury, MD. For the first time in 372 years, the winter solstice was overshadowed by a total lunar eclipse.  It was a phenomenon of nature in the middle of the night and the Gardening Grannies were up to it!

To Map or Not To Map, That Is The Question


Salisbury, MD. Do you have...or should you have...a map of your garden?  The Gardening Grannies share an experience or two to provide some food for thought.



Salisbury, MD. The timing is perfect to make those decisions about improvements in your garden.  Leaves have fallen from deciduous trees exposing the "bones", or hard structure, of your garden about which you will structure your plan.  The Gardening Grannies can help you get started.

A Longwood Christmas

2. December 2010

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