1. Extroverts happier regardless of culture
  2. If kids think someone's watching, they're more likely to wash their hands
  3. Creative pursuits might boost your job performance
  4. Scientists probe what makes people get their groove on
  5. Off season may not be long enough to recover from football 'hits'
  6. Oil-swishing craze: Snake oil or all-purpose remedy?
  7. School bans on chocolate milk may backfire
  8. Misdiagnoses common among U.S. outpatients
  9. Easter lilies toxic for cats, FDA warns
  10. Drowning deaths down overall, but still a problem
  11. Yoga big on West Coast, chiropractors popular in Midwest
  12. Gene variant may double Alzheimer's risk for women
  13. Less salt use tied to drop in British heart deaths
  14. Getting in front of back pain
  15. Young dads at risk of depressive symptoms

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