1. Fewer U.S. teens using sunscreen
  2. Low-nicotine cigarettes may not lead to more smoking
  3. Study: Men, lesbians more likely to have orgasms
  4. Consumer Reports advises pregnant women to avoid tuna
  5. Want to stay slim? Leave the car at home
  6. When parents need care, daughters carry the burden
  7. Fitness may boost kids' brainpower
  8. Education linked to activity levels during the week
  9. Good neighbors are good for your heart
  10. Co-workers take dim view of women who seek flex time
  11. Doctors ID new ways to get more kids vaccinated
  12. More employers moving to high-deductible health plans
  13. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans drinks at least 1 soda a day
  14. Popular southern fare may harm your kidneys
  15. 40 percent of Americans will develop diabetes

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