1. Adults who've abused alcohol may be at risk for memory problems
  2. Healthy habits may slow cellular signs of aging
  3. Doctors urge meningitis shots for vulnerable infants, children
  4. The 'Hobby Lobby ruling' and what it means for U.S. health care
  5. 'Love hormone' oxytocin may help some with autism
  6. Wives' higher education may not affect divorce rate
  7. Lift U.S. ban on blood donations by gay men
  8. More than 10 million people gained coverage under Affordable Care Act
  9. Parents of obese kids often view them as healthy
  10. Many obese U.S. kids think they're thinner than they are
  11. 2 courts, 2 different decisions on key Obamacare provision
  12. Parents of children with autism need help, too
  13. MERS virus found in air in camel barn
  14. Waistlines of U.S. kids seem to be holding steady
  15. Exercise may help counter health risks of sedentary lifestyle

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