1. Young adults who had depression have 'hyper-connected' brain networks
  2. Ban indoor use of e-cigarettes, U.N. health agency says
  3. Eye pigment may help vision in hazy conditions
  4. Overconfident folks may blind others to their real abilities
  5. When it comes to a growing child, the brain comes first
  6. Diet, exercise counseling urged for overweight Americans with heart risks
  7. Obama administration offers new rules for religious objections to health care law
  8. Start school later for older kids, pediatricians urge
  9. Low-nicotine cigarettes may not lead to more smoking
  10. Fewer U.S. teens using sunscreen
  11. Study: Men, lesbians more likely to have orgasms
  12. Consumer Reports advises pregnant women to avoid tuna
  13. Want to stay slim? Leave the car at home
  14. When parents need care, daughters carry the burden
  15. Fitness may boost kids' brainpower

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